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'Sports Facts and Tips' publishes high quality articles on sports with emphasis on definitive research findings, advice and tips. Our team of experiences editors reviews every article submitted and if it meets our tight guidelines and tight objectives it will be published here. The articles published are authoritative, based on peer-reviewed research and analysis so you can be assured that the information is up-to-date and reliable. You can be assured that the articles published are of high quality and derived from reliable sources

'Sports Facts and Tips' is focused a wide range of sports and active recreation.

The articles published are focused on providing general advice for non-professional competitors to begin a new sport program aims to improve their performance and fun in enjoying their favorite sport.

All review articles on sports and new innovations, rule changes and training methods are based on authoritative sources, with reference lists linking back to the research studies so that readers can obtain additional information and backup advice.

All articles are reviewed regularly and are updated with the latest information as it becomes available. For many topics, there are divergent views and seemingly conflicting information and ideas on various sports. We aim to provide balance in our articles and to present both sides of various arguments and debates. Similarly, we aim to be completely independent and we are not biased or influenced in any way by our advertisers.

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